Ignite & Reignite your Passion Within

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Why did you start your company? What is your story? When was it that you got inspired?

The question may be simple, yet has great significant.

From the beginning of your journey until the present day, you have worked tirelessly to watch the the seeds that you sowed bloom into a majestic flower.

At times, your products may be catchy and captivating, but it may be out of the horizon of  your passion, unfortunately. Just like what Muji did earlier, selling colourful products which off their brand direction to turnaround the loss.

Even so, we should always remain grounded and avoid letting our ego get ahead of ourselves. The learning never stops, and along the way, there may even be habits and ways of thinking that may need to be unlearned.

It’s your blood, sweat and tears. Entrepreneurship is more than just being successful.

Instead of moving forward aimlessly, We, at TAV strive to help be the fuel to your flame and prevent it from being extinguished.

Here we are -  TAV with Passion and lead you to your Destination. | TAV with Passion & Destination

Next popped up question: Which marketing tool suits me best?

Friendster or Facebook ? What about TikTok ?

What kind of marketing tool suits my business best? A frequently asked question from our clienteles.

Is this A-MUST-CONFIRMED question before starting from scratch ? We doubt that.

In a world of social media, we may have placed too much reliance upon it. In the end, they are no more than tools. We must instead, look within to forge a path with these tools and make the best out of it.

Thus, to ensure longevity, prosperity and productivity of a company, a solid and concrete mission and vision is clearly the way in making a business evergreen.

With that, social media becomes the magnifying glass that allows businesses and passionate individuals to be seen, and heard.

Dear, marketing tools are just merely your vehicles. A business mission does.

Mission means everything in your business !  

Strategists & TAV

It is no easy feet for an entrepreneur to build their empire. A king always needs an advisor by his side to ensure that he does not make the wrong decisions. Therefore, having a strategist in your team is crucial for taking your business to the next level.

Because, a stitch in time saves nine.

Let us strive to thrive and bring you to another greater horizon and height.

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