Company Retreat


Company Retreat

When some people see the words 【Retreat】🤔 they might think it's a form of escape, hiding one's self or avoiding facing your problems.

In fact, a【retreat】is even harder than facing the hustle and bustle of work 💻 and life every day 🗯️. During aretreat】, nothing can disturb you 🧘, and you can only honestly face yourself and ask: 'Is this the company I want? What is the meaning of continuing to do what I do?'

Facing yourself honestly is even harder than being busy every day.



when you give yourself the space and time to face yourself 🪞,
you can focus on 【exploring 🔎】 your inner thoughts and feelings 😌,
and have a precious moment and environment for 【independent thinking】.
You can use this opportunity to relax your mind and body 🫧, calm your inner self,
improve self-awareness, and discover your own value 💎.



🫀 When you encounter problems in managing or running your business, if you don't have a 【strong heart】 and a 【calm and steady】 attitude to deal with them, it will greatly affect the mind, body, and soul of your employees as well.

📉 If you find that you or your company are facing a trend of 【gradually going downhill】, feeling 【frustrated💢】 and 【physically and mentally exhausted 😞】, then you definitely need to take some time to 【retreat】.

📈 If you find that you and your company are trending 【uphill】, 【retreating】 helps you "adjust" the business and maintain its health 🤗. We shouldn't always wait until we get sick 🤒 to adjust ourselves, right?



That's right! 【Retreat】 is not just about staying in a room and pondering on the questions of life, but it's also about experiencing various activities that promote physical and mental health, such as yoga 🧘, meditation 💭, art exploration, and more. Through these activities, you can practice reflection, understand the needs and goals of your inner self ❤️, and better cope with the challenges and stresses of life 💪.


This way, entrepreneurs/bosses can not only:
🔹 Lead and manage their teams with more direction
🔹 Deeply reflect on the company's strategy and future development direction
🔹 Have a clearer understanding of how to make decisions and plans

But also:
🔸 Improve employee efficiency and creativity
🔸 Help employees reduce stress and improve their mental health
🔸 Enhance employee sense of belonging and loyalty


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📍 Location: Bentong, Kechara Forest Retreat.

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