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【✍️ To create a broader customer base + loyal customers, it is essential to plan for ecosystem strategies】

🍃 The balance of the ecological environment can be so significant that it affects 【world peace 🌏】.

Ecosystem strategies can be so impactful that people 【all around the world 🌎】 will come to know about you!"


Entrepreneurs, planning an ecosystem strategy can be a 【guiding principle 🧭】 for your business. A complete, interdependent, interactive, and interconnected 🔄️ ecosystem can lead your business towards a longer-term future 🛤️ and bring you more customers 🌈.


🙅‍♀️ 【Effective but temporary】 marketing tactics will only bring you temporary happiness. ✍️ Planning an ecosystem strategy is essential to sustain continuous growth in this competitive market."

The 10-year relationship between TAV and Goh Office Supplies has allowed TAV the privilege of participating in and witnessing the establishment of an ecosystem. From solely 1️⃣ product supply 📦 in 28 years ago, to 2️⃣ inventory distribution 🚚 (Goh Fulfillment), and finally to 3️⃣ software development 👨‍💻 (Top Gen), the journey was not easy, but seeing the results makes it all worthwhile.

The market leader in ecosystem strategy is Apple 🍏, according to Canalys market research. For every 100 iPhones 📱 sold, they also sell 26 iPads, 17 Apple Watches ⌚️, and 35 pairs of AirPods.

Apple didn't have iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watches when they first started their business. Therefore, every company can have its own ecosystem strategy ⛽️!


Entrepreneurs, you can start planning your ecosystem strategy now, build your product/service ecosystem, and let us work with you in this rapidly changing market 🏃 to plan and design step by step the ecosystem that suits you best, so that you can maintain mutually beneficial relationships 🤝 with more customers!


🟠 If you're interested in Goh Fulfilment's inventory distribution and software, you can click on the link below to schedule a warehouse tour with them.

🔗 Goh-Fulfilment:https://www.facebook.com/gohfulfill

🔴 If you're interested in TAV Strategist's 【Marketing Consultant 👨‍💻】 services and want us to help design your ecosystem strategy, click on the link below to start a conversation with us now!

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