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【How can companies improve their corporate planning efforts in the new year❓】

In the new year, we can examine our strategies from the perspectives of these【two professionals】.

🔴 #Coach 

He will use【neutral and powerful】 questioning from different angles to guide you in expanding your perspectives, broadening your horizons, developing new ideas, and 🔎discovering new options in your own professional field.

🔵 #Consultant 

He will leverage his expertise in【corporate strategy】,【marketing】, and【10 years of coaching and consulting experience】 to provide practical analysis and strategies, helping you avoid unnecessary detours and innovate to lead your team and add value to your company 🌈.

As an example, 

🧐 Do you know Jack Welch, the great CEO and coach?



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🔴 "During his lifetime, he left behind this famous quote: 'A great CEO is first and foremost a great coach.' ▶️ This statement illustrates that a respected CEO is also a great coach.

🔴 Jack Welch was passionate about playing the role of an【enterprise coach】 and believed that【the best leader is the best coach】, which earned him the title of【the most influential CEO and coach】.

🔴 As an entrepreneur, he led his team step by step to achieve remarkable business performance at General Electric, earning him the title of【the best manager of the 20th century】by Fortune magazine. 

🔴He believed that regardless of how many marketing strategies or creative ideas a leader has, the ultimate goal is to 【win】. Therefore, leaders should play the role of a 【coach】 rather than a manager. By doing so, they can uncover the potential resources and capabilities of others, lead them to achieve the company's vision, rather than simply offering advice to help others succeed.

🤓 And in the field of corporate consulting, one of the outstanding figures is Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal and former advisor to Facebook.


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🔵 In his book【Zero to One】, Thiel argues that simply learning and imitating the secrets of past successful entrepreneurs is futile. He believes that true success can only be achieved by discovering the commercial value 💎 of something that everyone else has overlooked.

🔵 In other words, if you are confident that you can make a dish 🍽️ that others cannot, and even better than anyone else, that is the key to success in Thiel's opinion. He believes that seizing the opportunity is the key to success for new startups.

🔵 Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, still considers Thiel to be a valuable consultant, as he has consistently encouraged Zuckerberg to focus most of his energy on customer growth and expansion, which has played a decisive role in the success of Facebook.

🔵 It is no surprise that Facebook's success is evident today, with Zuckerberg still serving as the CEO and Chairman of Meta, which owns social media apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.


From the examples of these two professionals, we can see that both the coach and the consultant have a profound impact on others and guide them towards a better future from different perspectives.

While these two roles have different responsibilities and roles, they have a subtle relationship and can be said to be the two essential 【strategists 🧑‍🏫】 for modern successful entrepreneurs.

But as entrepreneurs, all you need now is to hire our consultant a.k.a - Jeffrey the Coach (the perfect combination of coach and consultant 😊), who can play both roles and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.



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🔶 Jeffrey‘s description:

With ten years of coaching experience and also ten years of experience as a corporate strategy consultant, He has researched various business models and has practical marketing experience as well as provided consultation for over 80 companies.


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